Sunday, March 19, 2006


Michael Boatman's DYSFICTIONAL

Well, here is a list of my recent short story sales.

Hadley Shimmerhorn: American Icon. Sold to, Dark Dreams III, Anthology. 2007 from Kensington Books

The Ugly Truth. Sold to, Sages and Swords. Pitchblack Books. Available now.

Our Kind of People. Sold to, Dark Dreams II: Dreams From the Other Side. Anthology, Kensington Books. April 2006.

Survivor: Monster Island 2025. Sold to, Dakaiju!II Return of the Giant Monster Tales! Anthology. Agog! Press. April, 2006.

Bloodbath at Landsdale Towers. Sold to, Badass Horror. Anthology, Dybbuk Press. May, 2006

And those of you in the Midwest, check out Kalamazoo? My latest feature film, playing in select theaters opening April 6th.

Prince of Space, out.