Tuesday, July 03, 2007



My short story, A Father's Work, will appear in the October issue of Weird Tales! I'm psyched! For those who don't know, WT is the top o' the line in the spec-fiction world. It was originally supposed to go to an anthology of "deeply personal" horror stories edited by my friend David J. Schow. That fell through and DJS gave me permission to put the story out to WT and the new Editor over there snapped it right up!

My story, Hadley Shimmerhorn: American Icon, will appear in the African- American horror anthology Whispers in The Dark, published by Kensington Books in July. It's the basis for a screenplay called Bad Meat. Look for it in theaters or on DVD...soon.

My story, Survivor: Monster Island 2025, has been published in the Australian anthology, Daikaiju II! Return of The Giant Monster Tales! It will be available at Amazon.com or at the Daikaiju website. See link.

BUT HERE'S THE BIG NEWS!!! My novel, The Revenant Road, has just been picked up for publication by a wonderful indie companny called The Drollerie Press. I'm beyond psyched as it will be the first time a novel of mine will see print (and electronic) publication! WOW!


More later.

Mike B.