Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I sold a short story recently to an anthology of sick humor/horror stories called UNTIL SOMEONE LOSES AN EYE.(As in, "That hot poker in the face routine is funny until...") It's a great idea and right up my literary alley. The name of my story is Jimmy Sticks And The Outlaw Critter Of Doom.

I'm also working up a treatment for a feature film idea that I hope to sell. I also just completed a draft of a short story for an upcoming anthology edited by my friend David J. Schow, tentatively called Grave Matters. If it happens it will be the biggest exposure for any of my stories, as the antho will also feature David and other horror superstars far more well-known than yours truly.

On the acting front, I just booked a pilot tentatively called Frangela, starring Frances Callier and Angela Shelton, two very funny ladies. It's sort of Lucy and Ethel meet Edina and Patsy: an I Love Lucy/Absolutely Fabulous hybrid!

Waiting on the final edit for God Laughs When You Die. Waiting and waiting and waiting. Writing my ass off too. I'm also still waiting for Dakaiju II! Revenge Of The GIant Monster Tales, to rampage out of Australia. I sold them a story called Survivor: Monster Island 2025. They've had it for a long time down under. Hmmmm.

More later.



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