Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Hey, y'all. My short story, A Father's Work, appears in Weird Tales, issue number 347. Check it out. Waiting on the folks at Drollerie Press to contact me about the status of The Revenant Road.


Monday, November 12, 2007

God Laughs When You Die...The Book Signing!


I had a great experience signing copies of God Laughs When You Die, at Dark Delicacies in Burbank. Lots of friends showed up, bought the book and hung around. My friends Steven Weber, (Wings, The Shining, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), Sandra Oh (ARLI$$, Grey's Anatomy),Nate Cordry (The Daily Show, Studio 60)and Jim Turner (ARLI$$, Bewitched) also showed up. David J. Schow (writer,The Crow, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface. The Beginning) was also on hand to lend his support. It was great! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Looks like I'll be doing a signing at the Arisa convention in Massachusetts, sometime in January. Come on out and shake a hand.

I got invited to appear on Elvis Mitchell's syndicated pop culture program, The Treatment, to discuss the book. Elvis is a friend and I've been a longtime fan of his work as a journalist and pop culture/ film critic, so this should be great.

Still waiting on A Father's Work, to grace the pages of Weird Tales. Meanwhile, Manny Miracle Is Alive And Well And Dying In The 29th Dimension! should be appearing in Carnifexpress's Lords of Justice anthology soon.

I just completed a film in South Africa, The Killing of Wendy, for Brainstorm Productions. It's a murder mystery- comedy. I got to work with ten great actresses and David Hixsom, who directed a beautiful film called Beat The Drum. Over the summer I worked on Queen of Media, the biopic of radio shock jock Wendy Williams. Should be interesting.

And of course there was that foot amputation on Grey's Anatomy. Yep. It hurt.

More later.

Mike B

Tuesday, July 03, 2007



My short story, A Father's Work, will appear in the October issue of Weird Tales! I'm psyched! For those who don't know, WT is the top o' the line in the spec-fiction world. It was originally supposed to go to an anthology of "deeply personal" horror stories edited by my friend David J. Schow. That fell through and DJS gave me permission to put the story out to WT and the new Editor over there snapped it right up!

My story, Hadley Shimmerhorn: American Icon, will appear in the African- American horror anthology Whispers in The Dark, published by Kensington Books in July. It's the basis for a screenplay called Bad Meat. Look for it in theaters or on DVD...soon.

My story, Survivor: Monster Island 2025, has been published in the Australian anthology, Daikaiju II! Return of The Giant Monster Tales! It will be available at Amazon.com or at the Daikaiju website. See link.

BUT HERE'S THE BIG NEWS!!! My novel, The Revenant Road, has just been picked up for publication by a wonderful indie companny called The Drollerie Press. I'm beyond psyched as it will be the first time a novel of mine will see print (and electronic) publication! WOW!


More later.

Mike B.

Monday, April 30, 2007



-Joe R. Lansdale

That's the blurb I received from Mister L Hisownself after he graciously read an advance copy of God Laughs When You Die. I'm a huge fan of Joe's and was honored when he agreed to read the book. This has been an amazing year, meeting two of my favorite writers, David J. Schow and Joe R., as well as the imminent publication of the book over at DYBBUK Press. Manny Miracle et al is shaping up to be an amazing project with gorgeous cover illustrations by a brilliant artist named Kelly Christiansen. I'll drop some links ASAP.



Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Michael Boatman's DYSFICTIONAL
Okay. I've been gone for a while now! Happy New Year, everybody! Where do I start? Well, how about...?

My short story collection, GOD LAUGHS WHEN YOU DIE, will be published in October, by Dybbuk Press. It will feature blurbs from Ronald Damien Malfi(The Nature of Monsters), Paul Haines (Doorways For The Dispossessed)... and Joe R. Lansdale! Plus an intro from David J. Schow! How's about that? Two of my all-time favorite writers, men whom I really admire... and they're totally hooking a brother up! Nice!

Manny Miracle Is Alive And Well And Dying In The 29th Dimension! is now going to appear in print! It's going to be published by Carnifexpress. Armand Rosimilia, who published Katchina in their Revenant anthology two years ago, has taken over the Lords of Justice anthology after PitchBlack Books went belly-up. So look for Manny, Sydney and Valiant, the Far Traveller, busting out later this year from Carnifexpress, Amazon.com, and other places online.

My short story, Jimmy Sticks And The Outlaw Critter of Doom, will be appearing in the anthology Until Someone Loses An Eye: Tales of Disturbing Humor, coming soon from Bradford House/Twisted Publishing. It's edited by Jeff Strand. Keep an eye open here for further details.

I'm shooting a new pilot for ABC entitled Travelling In Packs. Lets hope it goes well. And I'm still waiting to hear about the FOX pilot I did last year, Francis and Angela. I also went to a recent screening of a little independent feature I did called And Then Came Love, with Vanessa Williams. It was funny, perfect date movie. No zombies, superheroes or aliens but nice.

Recently completed two screenplays, both horror/comedy gorefests. Looking for financing...distribution...may have something happening on that front with an up and coming young New York-based company. More on that later. If it works I will direct.

So that's it. I've been made to promise to keep this site updated. So I will.

Bye for now.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I sold a novella to Pitch Black Books yesterday. The story, one of my longest, is called Manny Miracle Is Alive And Well And Dying In The 29th Dimension! It will appear later this month in LORDS OF JUSTICE, an anthology of superhero fiction. Pitch Black published my story The Ugly Truth in their Sages and Swords anthology last year, so I have a fond space in my heart for Daniel and Co. Check it out.

Still no word on the story I sent off to David J. Schow. (Probably hates it) If it tanks I'll post it on my upcoming real life website...

As soon as I come up with a name for the website.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I sold a short story recently to an anthology of sick humor/horror stories called UNTIL SOMEONE LOSES AN EYE.(As in, "That hot poker in the face routine is funny until...") It's a great idea and right up my literary alley. The name of my story is Jimmy Sticks And The Outlaw Critter Of Doom.

I'm also working up a treatment for a feature film idea that I hope to sell. I also just completed a draft of a short story for an upcoming anthology edited by my friend David J. Schow, tentatively called Grave Matters. If it happens it will be the biggest exposure for any of my stories, as the antho will also feature David and other horror superstars far more well-known than yours truly.

On the acting front, I just booked a pilot tentatively called Frangela, starring Frances Callier and Angela Shelton, two very funny ladies. It's sort of Lucy and Ethel meet Edina and Patsy: an I Love Lucy/Absolutely Fabulous hybrid!

Waiting on the final edit for God Laughs When You Die. Waiting and waiting and waiting. Writing my ass off too. I'm also still waiting for Dakaiju II! Revenge Of The GIant Monster Tales, to rampage out of Australia. I sold them a story called Survivor: Monster Island 2025. They've had it for a long time down under. Hmmmm.

More later.