Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Michael Boatman's DYSFICTIONAL
Okay. I've been gone for a while now! Happy New Year, everybody! Where do I start? Well, how about...?

My short story collection, GOD LAUGHS WHEN YOU DIE, will be published in October, by Dybbuk Press. It will feature blurbs from Ronald Damien Malfi(The Nature of Monsters), Paul Haines (Doorways For The Dispossessed)... and Joe R. Lansdale! Plus an intro from David J. Schow! How's about that? Two of my all-time favorite writers, men whom I really admire... and they're totally hooking a brother up! Nice!

Manny Miracle Is Alive And Well And Dying In The 29th Dimension! is now going to appear in print! It's going to be published by Carnifexpress. Armand Rosimilia, who published Katchina in their Revenant anthology two years ago, has taken over the Lords of Justice anthology after PitchBlack Books went belly-up. So look for Manny, Sydney and Valiant, the Far Traveller, busting out later this year from Carnifexpress, Amazon.com, and other places online.

My short story, Jimmy Sticks And The Outlaw Critter of Doom, will be appearing in the anthology Until Someone Loses An Eye: Tales of Disturbing Humor, coming soon from Bradford House/Twisted Publishing. It's edited by Jeff Strand. Keep an eye open here for further details.

I'm shooting a new pilot for ABC entitled Travelling In Packs. Lets hope it goes well. And I'm still waiting to hear about the FOX pilot I did last year, Francis and Angela. I also went to a recent screening of a little independent feature I did called And Then Came Love, with Vanessa Williams. It was funny, perfect date movie. No zombies, superheroes or aliens but nice.

Recently completed two screenplays, both horror/comedy gorefests. Looking for financing...distribution...may have something happening on that front with an up and coming young New York-based company. More on that later. If it works I will direct.

So that's it. I've been made to promise to keep this site updated. So I will.

Bye for now.



Blogger The Dana said...

Let's get to steppin' as I produce that piece of zombie comedy gold. Doin' it up Sheriff Quintana style - wha wha?


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